I understand that you may have some questions on mind about the learning procedures on this site. I have answered some frequently asked questions here. If you have more questions, simply email them to touideveloper@gmail.com

Question: Which scripting classes are held here?
Answer: I want to learn and let others learn the following technologies here in this site:

  • XML
  • JavaScript
  • Flash Actionscript
  • Adobe Flex
  • PHP
  • MySql

Question: When will the classes start??
Answer: I was busy working on this site, as it’s launched now, I will start working on the first topic’s curriculum that is XML curriculum. If you have any doubts please mail me at touideveloper@gmail.com, I will get back to you on the same max by 24 hours.

Question: Do the classes cost??
Answer: NO!! The classes are absolutely free!!

Question: Who will lecture the classes?? Who is the tutor??
Answer: Nobody!! Confused? Yes this site is dedicated to those who are serious to learn themselves with very less guidance; In fact a particular scripting language is well planned as a course which will make the things smoother and easier, I mean each Scripting Language will be well defined as topics and each topic will have several example programs to be practiced which will be very similar to the real time programs, the same are asked for programmers to write on clientele work.

Question: How to learn from these classes??
Answer: Its pretty simple read each topic posted and a program related to the topic as a example if needed. And, if you have missed earlier classes you can access the same from the “Archive” link provided.

Question: Who can learn from these classes??
Answer: All the web designers proficient with XHTML & CSS interested in learning scripting languages with ease and fast. I will give out an open statement to the users here that this site is not meant for expert scripter.

Question: What was the reason to start these scripting classes??
Answer: To learn and let learn! This motto is for all designers who want to update their skills within short period of time and to the market standards.

Question: Are there any certifications after the classes??
Answer: No! This is not an institution to provide certificates; But, I am sure these classes will improve your confidence level which is a big certificate!! :-)


Scripting Lessons

At last the day has arrived, lets start with the first Lesson of XML "XML Introduction", knowing much about What XML is? Where it is originated from? Where XML is used?

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